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About Me + The Blog

 about me...

Hello, my name is Brianna and welcome to my blog! I am from Michigan and I currently live in Atlanta for college. My goal is to become a business woman in the media field. I love all things that deal with communications and business, and my major is Mass Media Arts. I am very passionate about photography, writing, acting, spoken word, fitness, 90s + early 2000s black movies and competing in national pageants.
Random Things

natural hair since April '13 
college freshman at an hbcu
fav movie // Love Jones
fav song // As by Stevie Wonder 
I don't like tomatoes 


About the blog...

Chic Vadour (pronounced "sheek" "vah-door") was created in September of 2012 . But, in December 24th, 2013 it was changed to All Things Brie. This blog is my creative journal and outlet for ideas, random thoughts and inspiration to share with all you lovelies from around the world. At first with Chic Vadour I didn't know exactly how to format or what to actually discuss on my blog. Then I realized blogging about the important things in my life will help her stay close to them and also share and give tips along the way to you all. Which is why she also changed the name. All Things Brie can mean anything! October of 2016, I wanted to turn All Things Brie into Brie Black. Blogging during all of high school led me here to blogging in college and I want to have a more personal touch. This is officially my diary and adventures for my college years. Welcome and enjoy!  



Why Brie Black?
This is my new journey into womanhood and I think nothing fits better than my actual name.

How often will you be posting?
Whenever I have something to talk on! 

Who designed your blog?

I'm a beginner, any tips?
Yes, stay positive and post what you love and know. It's so much easier that way. Also, don't compare yourself to other blogs! You will shine at your own time :) And welcome to the blogging world.(I have a video up on YouTube on how to get started here)

How it first started out 

When and why did you go natural?
Well I went natural April 21st, 2013 to help grow, strengthen and overall have healthy hair. At first it was an experiment and now, I'm loving being natural too much now, so I'm sticking with  it. It's a sense of pride, heritage and it's what God gave me naturally. 

What kind of camera do you use for your photos?
IPhone 6s Plus

Do you have a YouTube Channel?
As of right now, I am creating all new content. All new videos will air in April 2017.



Each and every post is made by me {Brianna} for Brie Black. You can pin, tweet, Instagram whatever you'd like, as long as credit is given by linking back to the original post. I will feature images sometimes that do not belong to me but, I will give credit.

If you are a company/brand looking to team up with Brie Black for a collaboration, giveaway, sponsored post, or product review - please email briannaablack@gmail.com. I reply within 2 days :)

Stay beautiful and enjoy my little corner on the internet! 


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I love reading your comments, they make my day! I always try my best to answer all questions but would recommend tweeting me (@allthingsbrie) or emailing me (briannaablack@gmail.com) if you want to ask me anything inparticular or just chat with me! Thanks for visiting my blog :)
- Brie