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Hello beautiful people,
TODAY is the day. I am officially 19 years old. And honestly I've been feeling 19, if that's even a thing. Like I found myself, when asked how old I am, saying 19. It's so weird to be in a in between age. What I mean by that is a age that is between more important ages like 18 and 21. I'm right kinda in the middle, so not much happens at 19. So I've heard. But to bring in a wonderful birthday I decided to share 19 things I am going to do before 20. Usually people go for 19 lessons they've learned or 19 tips, something in that area but I wanted to switch it up! 

2017, so far has been an adventurous year. Not that I've done anything adventurous yet but I'm planning on crossing off a few things from my bucket list very soon. I claimed on the last day of 2016 that I would live a more dauntless lifestyle. I will keep you all updated on each thing I do cross off. 

Now 19 things I want to do before 20...

  1. Go skydiving and have the entire experience photographed/video taped
  2. Fly in a helicopter 
  3. Actually start up my YouTube where I share health, fitness, travel, natural hair and faith tips. Mostly a faith driven channel, having videos on my devotional routine and Bible study.
  4. Participate in The Color Run 
  5. Put out at least 3 of my poems on any social media platform 
  6. Finally get a credit card so I can be a true adult  
  7. Vacation out of the country for at least a week 
  8. Go to a karaoke bar or lounge and just embarrass myself 
  9. Get a dog and name her Roxi or Melody 
  10. Finish reading the entire Bible 
  11. Dye my hair blonde
  12. Learn to how do a backflip and the spilts because that was my main goal when I was 10 and I wrote a letter to future me saying I hope I've accomplish it and still haven't
  13. Ride on a boat. I've done this before, my dad had a boat when I younger and we always got on in Canada. I've also been on a cruise but I would want to do it again and make it a regular thing. The water is so peaceful to me and my mind becomes so clear.
  14. Bathe or touch an elephant
  15. Hold a monkey 
  16. Eat more seafood. I use to hate seafood so much. But then at a friends birthday dinner I finally decided to try some shrimp and haven't looked back since. 
  17. Meet Lance Gross again
  18. Meet Beyonce or Blue Ivy (if I meet Blue before Bey, I want to play the hand clapping game, Slide)
  19. Go to a ball or gala. I've never been to an event where gowns were the required attire. I guess prom, but you don't have to dress up for that. I want to go all out and feel like Brandy in Cinderella

those are nineteen things I plan to do before 20, thank you for reading. stay tuned for the next post xo

- you are loved, accepted and a person of divine purpose - 

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- Brie