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3 Things I Cut Out My Life

Hello loves,
It's a new month in 2017 and a few days ago I had a one on one talk with myself. I sat in front of my mirror told myself to be vulnerable in that moment. Say anything and everything, if something is bothering me say it. If I'm anxious, say it out loud. I'm always finding myself having an overwhelmingly amount of thoughts going through my head in 1 minute. I overthink... a lot. And I repay situations that happen in my life. It gets so annoying and something I have to stop myself to just breathe. So as I was having my one on one time with myself, I wrote in my journal everything that bothers me and it came down into 3 categories. It involved people, my thoughts and my diet. Below I am sharing what I've decided to let go. It's so important for everyone to sit down and make their own personal list of what they feel it's time to release. What I may need to gain, you already have enough of. So take some time after reading this post so have your own reflection time. :)

1. Toxic Relationships

This for me is personally hard to do. I always get stuck with deciding on who to let go. I don't know if God wants me to stay in their life to help them or vice versa. So recently, I talked with my mom who always gives the best advice and she said if they aren't doing the 3 things below it's time for them to go.

1. Helping you grow spiritually, mentally and physically 
2. There for comfort, guidance, a good laugh or a great time
3. Supportive in the things you do (like your work, your creative niches, businesses etc.)

2. Negative Thoughts

THIS IS IMPORTANT. Negative thoughts can truly consume you. Your thoughts become a reality and I am a firm believer in that. Check out the Law of Attraction for more, but for me changing the way I think about things not only helps your mood but it sets the rest of your day with the best intentions. For example, yesterday I woke up earlier and decided to have me time. I made some yummy warm tea and went out for a second to get something from the student center. As soon as I stepped out I spilled my tea, now in this moment I could've been annoyed like old me would be. And just call yesterday a bad day, but instead I said to myself its okay. It happens, just go back and get some more. Little things like that use to bother me, so imagine how I would react with bigger things...not so good. Now that I've mastered on how to control my thoughts with little things I am more able to stop and breathe with others.

3. Unhealthy Snacks

This is something we hear all the time. Your doctors, Youtube videos, articles, posters and just about everywhere else someone or something is telling us to let go of unhealthy snacks or candy. But its true what they say, it gives cavities, makes you feel sluggish and messes up your health now and in the long run. We already know how we feel after eating a whole bag of chips versus an apple. The satisfaction with the chips is temporary and you won't feel as energized or full than grabbing some nuts or fruit. Since January 16th I've cut out all bad snacks. I first tried January 1st and failed but kept going and challenged myself to take it on for a week. And after the week was completed I continued again and now its a whole lifestyle change.

Hopefully you take some time to decide what needs to be cut of your life today! And don't focus so much on how long your doing it, take it a day at a time and then a week and then soon enough it'll become a lifestyle :)

-keep God first, and everything will fall into place-

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- Brie