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Minimalism Monday

Hello Everyone,
Previously on the blog I stated I was trying out a Minimalist Lifestyle. I was in the urge to declutter every aspect of my life. From my phone, to my closet I wanted a clean slate. Since starting college it's definitely okay to say I've fallen WAYYYYYYYYY off that lifestyle. I was shopping as if I wasn't a for real broke college student. I bought shoes that I still don't really wear to this day, I buy too many heavy jackets when Atlanta doesn't even get that cold and my dorm room is getting to tight for me to even see what I actually have. I'm really at a point in my life where I don't care about all that extra stuff anymore. Atlanta made me feel as if I needed everything, at that moment or I will never have it again. WRONG. WRONG.And WRONG. I truly want to be smart spender and only have what I need.

So I am starting a Minimalism Monday with Brie series, to keep you all in the know with tips along the way and make sure I am doing my part in keeping up with this new lifestyle change. Blogging about it will hold me accountable when it's time to report. I will admit it's so hard to not buy a blouse or a cute pair of earrings from Target or a cute jean jacket from Urban Outfitters. I walk past so many things and my mind goes crazy, I pictured everything it could go with and just how good I would look in it. So I it buy. Then the next day, when I actually need the money it's not in my account. Clothes and shoes can wait. Take care of what needs to be taken care of FIRST.

Every Monday, MMWB will either consist of minimalism tips/information, a checkup/report on how I'm doing (with pictures) or DIY's (things that can be used for multiple reasons).

Hope you follow along and even consider to take on a challenge to declutter your life!

- you are worth it-

Have an awesome and blessed day.

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- Brie