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Minimalism Monday | 10 Things You Need to Toss Out

Hello loves,
happy Monday! Today I want to share a list of things you should toss out NOW. Keeping things is the number 1 no-no for having a minimalist or clutter free life. Things that sit around only create of course clutter, no space for things that actually matter and dust... ew. So I came up with 10 things you most likely have in your house and you don't even use. Let's get into it!

  1. Out of date magazines (if your not using it for a vision board TOSS IT)
  2. Warn out hair ties or products (the product that only has that one last use left in it, use it and throw it out. It's taking up space)
  3. Candles that burned out (if you plan not to reuse it for something at this very moment, toss it)
  4. Messages from 2016 ( Boo it's a new year, you don't need to hold on to those for any reason. If you think you might need it to show someone something or catch someone in a lie...let it go, it's a new year)
  5. Old Receipts (it's probably too late to return it... sorry but toss it)
  6. Boxes (including shoe boxes... if your'e not returning them any time soon toss it!)
  7. Old cell phone cases (you probably upgraded this year and no longer need that IPhone 5 case when you have the 7 PLUS...toss it)
  8. Gift cards (if you used up all the $$... toss it)
  9. Mail (if you opened it and don't really care about it, tear it up and toss it. Don't stash it for later because later becomes never)
  10. Old Purses (we all have that one purse we had like 5 years ago. It's out of date, dingy and doesn't match our new style/look...give it away/toss it)

Hope those tips help and see you next Monday for another Minimalism tip!

-all you need is within you-

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