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Cheers to New Adventures


2016 has brought so many trails and triumphs. I went through finally graduating high school to making the transition of going to college. I've grown in ways that I thought were only things I could do in my 20s. One of my biggest challenges I've dealt with all my life was comparing myself to others. I always felt the need to see what others were doing and felt the need to "top them" but through all the things God has put me through I've learned it's not about that. Instead of coping I need to be happy for everyone around me and know when to separate myself. I don't need to have the things they have, because I honestly I don't even want them. I convince myself I need it because they have it. And if I can't get it I question other things and aspects of my life. But I've learned God has a plan written for me already that was made uniquely for me and in 2017 I choose to follow it. Letting go of toxic relationships in my life and social media were the first things I did on the 31st before heading into 2017. I unfollowed anyone I thought was negative or just doing too much/annoying. I deleted a lot of contacts and ended many snapchat streaks. I am ready for what's to come in my life. I'm scared but so ready at the same time. I am practicing to make sure my faith is bigger than my fear and to celebrate my successes along the way. If I fail, allow myself to fail. Hitting rock bottom will happen and the best thing about that is that once you get to the bottom, you can't go down anymore. The only way is up.

To start off the year right, write a list of things you will do. Not a bucket list but more of things mentally and spiritually that you WILL accomplish in the year. 

 I will have a more adventurous life. 
I will succeed.
I will practice positive habits.
I will keep God first and center of life.
I will allow myself to fall.
I will attract more money and use it in smart ways.
I will gain better health.

Also, really ask yourself want you want this year. Have a good 30 minute sit down session with yourself and ask you want makes YOU happy. Go on a date with yourself and truly discover who you are. 

Below I will attach some links to help you start off the year right! Because this will set your the tone for the rest of 2017! 

I wish you all a prosperous year full of abundance and blessings! 


- you are a magnet for success -

always remember throughout everything you do and come across; GOD IS BIGGER and God is holding your hand. 

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  1. Yes, love this post. I am new to your blog and cheers to a new year :)


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