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3 Small but Effective Workout Habits

It's a new year and everyone or at least half of the world has the goal of losing weight or having a healthier lifestyle on their 2017 goals list. I know for me, it's hard to stay focused when your so unmotivated and when you really just don't have the time. Work to family outgoings to my freelance operations it becomes a lot. So here are 3 small things you can do that will help you get that small workout in. a few minutes is better than none so apply these tips everyday to get the best end results.

1. Take the stairs
Yes, I said it. I know the elevator is so much closer and quicker, but taking the stairs gets that workout in that you know your not gonna do today. Doing this has helped me 1, realize I am so out of shape, lol. I should not be breathing so hard only walking 3 flights of steps. And 2, that I can have some alone time before I'm about to do whatever is it I'm doing. Taking the stairs helps my legs and butt and I can see it from taking them daily that it's very effective.

2. Park far
We are so quick to find a close parking spot and will drive all around the lot till we do. That wastes time number 1 and 2, wastes gas. Why don't you want to park in the back? At night I suggest finding a closer spot for safety problems but at 2 pm, in broad day light get that mini workout in and WALK the distance. Every time I drive I park way way wayyyy in the back and when I'm with someone they always get annoyed lol, but I don't care. That walk is better than not working out at all and I have to get it in some way.

3. Do squats, planks and jumping jacks during commercials
If your like me you barley tv and your more into YouTube. For my YouTube lovers, during that ad fit in 5 squats, 1 plank and 5 jumping jacks. If you don't finish in time, you know what to do... pause the video! If you do watch tv, during those long commercials don't go on your phone, don't grab a chocolate bar or some popcorn, get up and fit in a workout! When I do watch tv it's usually go for a movie or my favorites are on, which are Being Mary Jane and The Have & The Have Not's, so commercials breaks are 10 squats, 1 plank, 15 jumping jacks and 7 push ups. GET. IT. IN!!

Hope these tips help and you find more creative ways to GET IT IN!

-take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live in-

Till next time loves,


  1. I so agree with your suggestions. I just wrote a post about boosting energy and one of the things is taking the stairs


    1. Thank you, I'll be sure to check out your post. :)


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