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Beauty | My Face Wash Routine for Oily + Dry Skin

Hello all,
having a beauty regimen is so important, many forget that its a great factor is having a great skin. Yes water is key, but washing twice a day is what your skin truly longs for. Many ask me how I get my skin so clear and its all in my products. I wash as soon as I get up and right before bed. Being that my skin is oily and dry I try to keep my face clean and free from products that will clog up my pores, but will keep my face oil free and hydrated all day.

1 | Wash cloth + Headband 

I don't use a wash clothe to completely dry my face. I wash, then grab the clothe and dab my eyes to get the water off. Then I use cotton balls to dab off the rest of the water. Using cotton balls is so much better. It gentle on the skin and doesn't carry dirt. It also leaves my face looking brighter. When washing my face, I usually still have my bonnet on, so to keep the bonnet from getting wet, I use a face wash headband, it keeps my bonnet and edges dry.

2 | Cleasner: SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Bar Soap 
The first step to having a great regimen is the cleanser. Everyone has different needs they should cater too and mine is dry and oily skin. Shea Butter works for me because it's gentle and very moisturizing. I'v been using Shea Butter and African Black soap for about 5 years now and I usually switch my I get bored of one. Both carry many nutrients for the skin. Make sure you keep your bar soaps in a baggy or container to keep if from getting super wet.

3 | Scrubs: Acure Brightening Facial Scrub + Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Scrub 
Next step is having a great facial scrub. These benefit your skin is so many ways. They help you get rid of toxins and dead skin cells, reduces redness, improves blood circulation and helps remove dirt. I use a scrubs 2-3 times a week, for a lip scrub, I just use one of the scrubs below and grab a toothbrush. A unused toothbrush is preferred when doing this, I out the scrub on my lips and move the toothbrush in a circular motion for 3 minutes. Then rise it off! Also a lot of people have asked me about Acure, I LOVE IT! I've been using it for about 6 months now and I noticed a change within 2 weeks. My face is brighter, and look very hydrated. I also use this one on my lips. 

4 | Facial Masks: Garnier Pore Purifying 2-in-2 Clay Cleasner/Mask + Yes To Coconut Ultra Hydrating Facial Mask 
Next, I love using facial masks. Since they do carry many great nutrients I can't use it as much, I ave to limit to once or twice a week. I noticed my face gets too dry when doing it more. Facial mask can help hydrate skin, exfoliate dead skin cells, improve your pores as well as unclog. Masks also help stimulate blood circulation and leave your skin feeling smoother and softer just like scrubs. I alternate between these 2 and use one every Sunday. For the Garnier product, I never use it as a cleanser. I tried it once and didn't like how it left my face feeling, but it works wonders as a mask. 

5 | Toner + Oils: Thayers Witch Hazel + Sweet Almond Oil 
Toners help in cleaning leftover makeup or dirt. I always use it after washing my face with the cleanser. I love this one in particular because its healthier and can be used for cleaning many other areas or things being that it is organic. I use it to clean behind my ears, my bumps, wax for waxing my brows and many more. Oil is great to follow up with in areas like my lashes and brows. It aids in helping them grow and I use this on my lips. 

6 | Moisturizers: African Shea Butter 
Finally, to finish off I use African Shea Butter to seal in the moisture. I love heavier items on my face because I get dry quicker than getting oily. And after 5 minutes from putting this on, my face doesn't have that oily look that this product does give. Of it still looks too oily on my face, I just at some off with a towel. But, this is the best lotion/butter for me that works all day and is very inexpensive. ASB also helps with scars, bumps and many unwanted things on my face and after 2 weeks of using this daily they go away. I get mine from a African festival held in my city every year, but can be found in beauty supplies and now Wal-Mart.

Image result for african shea butter

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know below what you use on your face!

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