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Music | September Playlist

Good Afternoon Beautiful People,
We are approaching the end of September and I'm so excited for October. I'm expecting nothing but 
great things for the next few months and praying for some cold weather! It gets so hot down here in ATL, and I haven't seen one leave fall yet. Fall officially started yesterday and I think Atlanta didn't get the memo, lol. But as you all know, I love making music playlist for you and thought why not share my September favs! I have been loving a lot and these songs have been on all month. Real quick let's just take a moment for Frank Ocean finally dropping an album!! I have so much love for him as a artist and what he put out definitely was worth the wait. 

The playlist below is public, so just click the link below and it should come up! For my main music, more like everyday songs, I use Apple Music (if you are a student look into the student discount!). For good playlists for my mood, or doing an activity I use Spotfiy and for songs that aren't mainstream and aren't on those 2 I use Soundcloud. 

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- Brie