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Hello beautiful peopleYA GIRL IS BACK! 
After finally getting my license, my first real steady job and graduating from high school
I am ready to get back into doing what I love. Writing is so therapeutic for me, but I couldn't find
time to actually sit and create good content, that you all deserve to read. Now months later, I am in college and I have so many things I want to share! I want look at this blog as my journey and journal from freshman year of high school to senior year of college. It's so crazy to think that I started this blog September 12th of 2012 (HAPPY BELATED BLOGIVERSARY)! I am grateful and blessed to have experienced everything between then and now. 

Now, I know you noticed the entire new look. Y'all know me. I love change, it was only right to give a whole new look with my new comeback. As an 18 year old, I am growing and blossoming to a loving, fearless woman. I learn new things each day and figure out ways it can benefit me for my future. Something I picked up was minimalism. I shared with you all my journey and why I started bringing simplicity into my life. In 2016, I've changed my approach to it. It's minimalism at my own pace. I love simple colors and simplicity itself, but I also can't live without my glitter and glam. When I first started I followed bloggers and YouTubers and didn't really think how to make it my own. I copied them so much I started to become bored with myself. So I sat down and had a talk with myself. I told myself that I need to do things at my own pace, it's my journey and I have all the time I need to develop. I also became closer to God, my faith is so important to me and i get so excited talking about Jesus. Incorporating faith and spiritual inspiration into my blog seem to fit the new me. More about my spiritual journey will be in the Faith page, and also in following posts!  

I didn't want to make this post long nor too much, I just wanted to come back and post a few pictures of what's been going on in my life. Below are special moments and things I cherish. Enjoy and welcome to Brie Black!

p.s The name change and meaning is in the About Me + The Blog page. :)
Also in the pictures below, many of them will not contain my friends or other people, being that there are privacy issues. :


Senior Pictures

Graduation // Graduated with honors and volunteered over 50 hours 

Open House

An Outing

Got My Nose Pierced

Senior All Night Party

Going to ATL

Moved into ATL

Room tour coming soon

Got my first weave

Went to a screening for a new Netflix show

Joined Pretty Girls Sweat, participated in a yoga session + a sweat show

The founder of PGS

 These are of course not ALL my special moments, but the few I could capture! Hope you enjoyed the pictures, stay tuned for the next post!

Thank you for all the support and I'm excited to have you all join and be apart of the Brie Black journey!

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  1. You looked BEAUTIFUL for prom. Love the pictures!!


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- Brie