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Hey loves!
Here's what I am currently...

Wearing // My favroite peach oversized tee from Forever 21
Reading // Consequences by Aleatha Romig on Audible app
Watching // A lot of YT videos on packing for my trip to Flordia in 8 days!!!
Wanting // My new favorie color is olive and I am in love with the Adidas olive superstar sneaks
Snacking // Almonds! There so yummy and good for you 
Loving // Snapchat has to be my favorite app and most used of course after Tumblr (because Tumblr is bae). I snap random things throughtout the day so add me at allthingsbrie ;)
Jamming // Alina has the perfect voice to me. Her music is so soft and instantly makes me feel good
Drinking // Vanilla Bean Frap from Starbucks. The perfect treat to a hot summer day!

Hope you enjoyed this post! What are you currently loving? Let me know below :)

Have an awesome and blessed day,  

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- Brie