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Product Review | Firmoo Glasses

Hello loves,
If you have been following me for a while, you probably know I wear glasses. During my freshman year of high school, my vision took a turn for the worst. It started off with my reading then when I could barely see the board sometimes. Since then, I have been wearing glasses occasionally because (Thank God) my vision actually has gotten better. I don't know how but I don't necessarily have to wear glasses everyday now nor contacts. I have only owned two pairs of prescription glasses ever ( one in middle school and freshman year) mostly because I am very very very picky. I make sure the glasses are very versatile meaning they can go with any look I am trying that day. I literally spend hours at eye glasses places finding glasses so that's why I've stuck with just 2 perfect ones my entire life. But when Firmoo reached out to me, which was perfect timing because I needed to update my prescription, I was more than pleased to check out their site.

Firmoo is an online eyeglasses store that sells a wide variety of prescription eye-wear at a competitive price. Firmoo is great for someone picky like me because you can try on your glasses virtually by uploading a picture of yourself and using the "Try On View"! How awesome is that??! 

After spending a good hour or two browsing all of my options, I finally found the perfect pair of frames and the most simplest. Once I chose the frames I wanted, all I had to do was enter some quick information about my prescription and of course I had to make a quick call to my eye doctor because I don't just have my numbers laying around the house, lol and my order was ready to submit!


I was incredibly pleased with how great the customer service was but very displeased with how long the glasses arrived. I ordered them June 20th and received them July 6th. It was exciting to find that when my package came earlier today it included my pair of glasses with a nice case, spectacle pouch, cleaning cloth and tiny screwdriver! 

I would highly recommend Firmoo for your next pair of glasses. Check out the links below for promos, there new frames and a discount for new customers! And for the arrival time I guess it all depends because my friend actually bought a pair and her glasses came very fast.

1. Homepage: www.firmoo.com where the current promos and top picks can be found.
2. ‘Daily New’ http://www.firmoo.com/new-arrivals.html where frames are updated everyday.
3. 15% off page: http://www.firmoo.com/z/new-50-off.html where new customers get coupon code on frames sitewide.

p.s I am currently wearing them they fit perfect! 

**All photos are mine! If you would like to use them please ask via email at briannaablack@gmail.com
This is sponsored by Firmoo, but all opinions are mine. :)**

Have an awesome and blessed day,  

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- Brie