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Minimalism Monday | How to Start

Happy Minimalism Monday!
Today I am discussing a few tips on how to exactly start. You love you thought of minimalism but what actually goes into this to make it a lifestyle? Well let's start with YOU. Ask yourself what do you want first. Why are trying minimalism as your new lifestyle? Financial reasons? Moving and what to save room? Or what to simply declutter your life? Figure out what exactly you are going for and write it down. Once you write it down put it somewhere you'll be able to see it everyday. This will help you keep the end goal in mind once your throwing away those same 3 pairs of sunglasses with different colors. I won't lie, giving away/throwing out the things I rarely touched seemed so hard. But with keeping the end in mind I have so much more space!

Step 1 was to write that goal, for step 2 pick where it's messy the most and attack! We're trying to declutter everything here so don't do it all in a day. It will just leave you exhausted and annoyed. Choose one thing to "attack" once a week or even once every other week. I started with my closet. It was the most unorganized and the most cluttered. I first took everything out and organized it by item. So all tops were with the tops, all jeans with jeans and so on. Then I tried on everything by section. That was actually the fun part for me. It's like I was shopping all over again because half of the things in my closet I haven't even touched. Below I went by those guides to help me decide what needed to go. Once I finished trying on everything I made sections for what was getting donated. Then I hung everything back in my closet by color. Tops were with tops with the blues were with blues. I didn't throw anything away, all was donated and it felt really good.

So that's how you start. Simply have your goal then go by decluttering a week at a time. There are plenty of guides out there for you kitchen, bathroom, office etc. Next week I will be discussing on why I deleted my Twitter account/ decluttering your social life.

Below is a fun little 30 day challenge. Join if your interested and let me know! It's never to late :)

If you want an overview on Minimalism check out this site ;)

Thank you for reading... stay blessed,

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