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The Overdue Break

Hello beautiful people! It's been such a long time since I actually took some time to write on All Things Brie. Junior year was so much work and the overload of assignments, essays, ACT study sessions just took over my life. But at the same time the good of getting multiple achievements throughout the school year was the cherry on top. I ended junior year with a 3.3. THANK THE LORD. I was really going for a 3.5 or higher but I am honestly very content with that 3.3. 

I did want to let you all know before hand about my absence but I really had no time. I had to save all my typing for AP Lang essays, lol. Junior year made me realize a lot of things. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted but at this very moment I don't have a clue on my next move. I know I want to go to a HBCU (Historically Black College & University) but I don't know what I should major in. The point is I was going through a lot with finding myself and keeping my grades up so that's the reason I've been gone. Now that it's summer and my senior schedule is set I have time to do what I love more often.

Coming back, I want to continue to make this a lifestyle/journal type of blog and will occasionally post fashion, health and natural hair posts. So HELLO again. For anyone who is new to blog I will re introduce myself...

I am Brie Black. I am 17 years old and currently going into my senior year of high school this fall. I am natural and have been for 2 years now. I started this blog as an outlet for myself and now it's my outlet and my way of helping others on all things dealing with life. Most of my post include natural hair, music or life tips. My favorites shows are A Different World, Gossip Girl, Being Mary Jane and Empire. I am afrocentric and pro-black (does not mean anti-white at all!!!) . I plan to attend college and do something within journalism or the arts. I am a hip-hop head and a non-denominational Christian.

... and that's a little about me!


enjoy your stay! 

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- Brie