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Lifestyle | How To Take Better Instagram Pictures + Tips

Hello everyone. Today I wanted to do a post on some of my personal tips for taking better Instagram pictures and overall having a better account. There's of course no official rules for Instagram but these are just my ideas on how I've develop my stable account. I often get asked how did I get so many followers (which doesn't compare at all to my 4,000 followers from my old account) and honestly it's because my overall account is presentable. I currently use the camera on my Samsung Galaxy phone. You can follow me and keep up with my photos + life over at - @briethenanna.

1. Take clear pictures
Many photos on IG aren't even clear. Would you want to follow someone with out of focus photos? No. So start off by simply tapping the screen and focusing when its time to take it, if it's not clear then keep taking them! That also goes hand and hand with good lighting. Dark photos are equivalent to un clear photos. So keep things bright!

2. Use props 
Who says it's wrong to jazz up your background a little. Add some fun types of textured throws or patterned notebooks. Sometimes a plain, non cluttered background is great and doesn't take away the focus but don't be scared to change it up a little.

3. Use a photo editor/borders
Having the same type of un-filtered photos can get boring. Admit it. Filters give IG life and add that spunk that's needed. There are plenty out there for free, but my favorite is VSCO Cam. Along with my filter I use borders! At first it was all about the white borders but now I've decided to switch it up to the blur effect. I use #SquareDroid.

4. Change up the angles.
Flat-lays are quite popular at the moment, where you take the picture from a birds eye view, with all objects laid flat on the surface. Try to keep your profile fun with different angles. Mine are different usually if it's not a re-post of something else.

5. Themes
I know some people like to stick to a 'theme' (which I kinda don't do, I just go for something bright and bubbly type of feel) and it does look more neater that way. My theme looks very soft with light colors and all have the same borders.  Some people like seeing a clean, neat grid of photos when clicking onto a persons profile, others just like sharing photos with whatever type of style. It's all about your personal style and how and what you like to post. But keep it consistent and simple!

6. Post and update often
I love it when people upload daily. Whether it's a picture of their breakfast, their ootd or a picture with friends! I'm much more likely to follow an account if I see they update it often! Seeing 2,000+ photos is a good thing to see for me. I like to keep captions short and sweet as when I'm scrolling through as well because I think its a lot easier to read a few sentences than a paragraph.

7. Engage and be inspired
Be active! It is a social media account and one must not just post pictures just to receive likes. Like and comment. Follow accounts that make you want to pick up your phone and start taking more pictures or that will inspire you to do better in life. For myself, I follow fitness, natural hair, inspiration and yoga accounts to help me stay motivated. Instagram doesn't have to be just staying updated with celebrities or your friends but can help you become a better YOU. 

8. Want more followers
Having 1,000+ followers just looks so good on a profile for some reason. My tip for gaining followers is to actually follow people!! Go to one of your followers, and look through their followers and follow people. They most likely post or like what you like so you won't be following just anyone. Commenting also helps, because it makes you more noticeable. But, comment with genuine ideas or thoughts.

Thank you so much for reading my tips. Comment below if these helped!

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- Brie