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Health | Finding Comfort in a Cup

As many of you know, I've been on a healthy lifestyle journey. Water has been like my sister, but hot lemon water has been my best friend. Whether it's a bit chilly outside or a beautiful hot day, lemon and hot water is one of my go-to's. There's something about it that just instantly makes me happy and keeps me energized throughout my day. The taste is the perfect amount of sweetness and as an added bonus, it has awesome health benefits! 

  • Cleanses your digestion system
  • Helps balance pH levels
  • Clears your skin
  • Helps boost mood 
  • Contains vitamin C 
  • Give hydration 
  • Aids in weight loss

How to Make It || 

  1. Pour some water in a cup 
  2. Heat it up in the microwave for 1 minute
  3. Grab lemon slices and squeeze 2 into cup

Hopefully you try it out! And let me know if you do! 

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