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Tag | It's My Hair

Hello loves,
lately I've been seeing a lot of my fellow natural sista's do the "It's My Hair" tag and I mean it looked fun to do and it never hurts to learn more about the person behind the blog. Talking about natural hair is one of my favorites topics. I can talk hours on my hair specifically, other's hair and how to embrace it. Currently my hair is in box braids for my winter protective styling and soon I will make a video and post on it. Anyway let's get into the tag!

1 | Why did you start your hair journey?
Mainly because I wanted my hair to reach it's full potential in growth and overall strength. More in-depth reason here on why.

2 | How long have you been on your hair journey? 
Since April 21st of 2013.

3 | Are you relaxed, natural or transitioning?
Au Naturel babbbyyy :)

4 | What is your hair length now?
Currently I am at armpit length.

5 | What is your length goal?
 My goal is under the boob length, once it hits there I'll probably start wearing my hair in straight styles more. 

6 | What is your hair texture?
 I am 3b-4a. 3b is more in my bangs and front part of my head, 3c more in the middle and 4a in the back corners of my head.

7 | Health or length? 
Ahhhh, both? Lol.

8 | If you could live with one hair product, what would it be?
 My SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie. LOVE THAT PRODUCT!

9 | What is the worst product you ever used?
Honestly everything I've bought worked well on my hair. Only because I did massive research or tried it as a sample before the purchase. 

10 | What is your go to hairstyle?
A simple 2 strand twistout, I do about 5 on each side of my hair and let that sit in over night. Then in the morning take them out with some oil, fluff and maybe pick it a little then I'm out!

11 | Are you a Product Junkie?
 I use to be! I have about 4 conditoners, 3 shampoos, 4 mositurizing products, 5 oils, 3 gels, 3 hair sprays and 2 bottles of Apple Cider Vinegar. But I'm starting to tone it down, lol.

12 | How often do you trim your ends?
Whenever they start to look split or my Aunt or cousin says so (their professional hair stylists).

13 | How often do you use heat?
Maybe every 5 months or so. In 2014 I only used heat like 2 times the entire year. Including the blow dryer.

14 | Do you take supplements?
No, but I am thinking about Hairfinity. But, probably won't get it. Ahhh, idk, lol.

15 | What's your favorite oil?
Coconut oil all the way!

16 | Who is your hair crush?
YouTubers // HeyFranHey, Naturalneiicey and Naptural85

17 |How long does it take for you to wash your hair?
A co-wash takes 1 hour.
A deep wash including protein/deep conditining treatment and shampoo takes 5 hours.
A simple wash with just shampoo no treatment takes 3 hours.
I always let my hair dry overnight. I did test my hair to see how long it would air dry and it took 6 hours :( .
A diffuser took 1 hour. 

18 | What was the worst thing that ever happened to your hair?
One summer I got kinky twists and it was time to take them out. I let the stylist take them out for 80 dollars and she literally went in a straight line and cut all of my hair off. It was a few inches past ear length. She was being too lazy to see where my hair actually stopped and we paid her all that money.  My hair before was at the length it is now (armpit) and I was entering middle school too :( ... that was a sad time, lol.

19 | Do you dye your hair and if so what color?
I first dyed my hair for my 16th birthday in 2014. It was a beautiful purple then it faded throughtout the months and turned blonde-ish and now it faded to a dark honey blonde/dark brown or even cooper, lol. I got 3 colors and paid for 1, lol!

20 | Who do you tag?
YOU :)

Hope you enjoyed this tag! And the photo above is not me ;)

Thank you so much for reading, remember you are loved and God has a purpose and plan for you ❤ Make 2015 YOUR YEAR!

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  1. OMG how adorable. Great tag and your baby pic is super adorable!

    Kind regards,
    Loyal to Fashion


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