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Lifestyle | How to Become A Morning Person

Growing up I loved everything about mornings. It was a fresh start and a new day to choose a cute outfit. As I started to get into my freshman year of high school, I began to hate waking up and would literally shut everyone down from talking to me. Looking back at that I think showed me now just how important mornings are, and how crucial it is for everyone to look at it positive. If your mornings are messed up and negative guarantee a down hill type of day. You get whatever you attract, so why not start off right. Here are some tips and things I do to start my day off positive.

The Night Before //

1 | Get everything you need ready and laid out for the next day
By everything I mean your clothes, shower, hair, accessorizes... EVERYTHING. Preparation never fails and you won't have to rush.We all know rushing makes us forget things and the entire day just feels unprepared.

2 | 30 minutes before bed put your phone on your charger and don' touch it. NO electronics/technology!
During the 30 minutes, have some "Me Time" and unwind from your day. Mediate, read a book or close your eyes and listen to some music. This will help you relax and become more refreshed for the next day. Plus, we all deserve some "Me Time". Before your 30 minutes set your alarm to something that is empowering or soft. Mine is Rise and Grind motivational speech for Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Then for the rest of the week it's Ain't No Stoppin Sunshine by Yoli. Waking up to something rough and loud will make you mad and irritated and that won't help you wake up happy :)

3 | Go to bed early or as soon as you can
Getting actual rest can do a whole lot of magic for you in the morning. 8 hours might be impossible for you to get each night so try 3 times week to force yourself to bed by 9:30 or 10pm. You won't regret it!

The Morning //

1 | Wake up as soon as you hear your alarm
Hitting the snooze button won't make that day cancelled. You will still have to go to school, work or wherever you must go at that time. And sometimes when we keep clicking that snooze button we end up rushing because we woke up too late. And rushing isn't going to help you at all.

2 | As soon as you wake up DO NOT LOOK AT YOUR PHONE
Checking your social media platforms can bring you down in a second. Twitter is full of negativity and just one tweet or one minute of lurking can ruin your day. Your phone can wait, I promise it will always be there. There is no rush to check things as soon as you open your eyes, plus your eyes need to first adjust to waking up and be able to capture light.

3 | Have a bottle of water near you
Water is the most important thing that our bodies need, and throughout the hours that we are sleep we become dehydrated. Having a few sips can boost your energy and you become less prone to dehydration.

4 | Eat a full and healthy breakfast
Being hungry throughout your day will make you cranky and fatigue. For me I like to eat oatmeal, a piece of fruit, yogurt and drink a full glass of water. Here's a list of some ideas for breakfast.

5 | While your getting dressed turn on some music
I like to listen to India.Arie, Tori Kelly or Lauryn Hill radio on Pandora. And I turn it up to the max! This helps you get into a good vibe and music should just make your day 2 x better.

6 | Be positive throughout the day
You were choose to wake up today, make the best of it. I usually say a morning pray in my head when I'm on my way to school, and that helps me a lot.

Hope these tips help! Let me know below if you tried any :)

Thank you so much for reading, remember you are loved and God has a purpose and plan for you ❤

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- Brie