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Inspiration | Black is Beautiful

I want to first start off by saying this is not to bash or offend any other race. Nor am I a racist or anything like that. I am pro-Black/afrocentric but that does not mean anti-white, Mexican, Indian etc. I love everyone and respect where they come from. Diversity is a beautiful thing and I'm blessed to have such a variety of cultures in my life right now. Just a little inspiration for Black woman out there.Also I;m not going in too deep with this post. This is just a board post speaking on Black people. 

Often as Black females, we tend to forget how gorgeous our melanin is. And at times it's a struggle for someone like myself to believe that I'm beautiful while I'm living in a "whitewashed" society. Growing up I wanted to be light skin so bad. I thought mixed girls had it good with having curly hair (little did I know every Black girl can have girl curly) and the "perfect shade of skin". Also, I hated the fact that I had African in my blood. Most of my family is caramel/light and only a few of us who are brown/dark. I didn't see any examples of dark beauty till I reached sophomore year. I think young Black girls are shown too much of other races in their toys and tv shows/movies than their own. It took me till sophomore year of high school to realize how beautiful Black is. And how majority of my life I've been in absence to see how gracious God made us. Black is beautiful. From the curve of our bodies to our eternally youthful skin (Black don't crack), so here are some of my favorite photos and a little inspiration to show you why our Black is Beautiful.


Comment below 1 thing you love about being of African descent!

Thank you so much for reading, remember you are loved and God has a purpose and plan for you ❤ post signature


  1. Wow I love this post!! I used to feel exactly the same, I especially used to hate my Afro hair and envy silky Asian/white hair so bad, but now I am absolutely in love with my hair and skin! This post reminds me so much of a poem I wrote on my blog:


    1. Thank you so much and yes it's so hard sometimes. I'll check out your poem :)

  2. You have some very beautiful and inspiring photos here! :)

    Maggie A


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