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Fashion | My Fall Must-Haves 2014

Fall Must-Haves

Hello beautiful souls,
sooo I'm over the 31 days of blogging thing. It's been fun but it became too much. On to other exciting things like fall focused post! I LOVE fall so much, it has to be my favorite season. The looks, the coziness, the holidays and the hot apple cider tops it off. I know it's October now and the first day of fall has beyond pass, but here are my must-haves. The items can as always be dressed up or down.

1 | The Brim Hat & Beanie - This can easily be an accessory for a walk with some friends downtown or at concert. It's a fun way of saying your stylish and on those bad hair days this could possibly be your bff.

2 | Flannel Button Down - A classic and must-have for almost every season, but definitely for fall. It's warm, cheap (depending on where you buy it from, try a thrift shop, the quality for flannels is honestly all the same) and versatile. 

3 | A Rust/Copper Bag - You can go for any type of bag really but for the color aim towards a copper/rust tone because it's in and goes with everything. Copper is the new black for fall.

4 | Leopard Coat - I actually don't like leopard but when it comes to scarves, shoes and coats it's an automatic go. It adds flair and sprinkles of fun with animal print.

5 | Basic Stripe T-Shirt - This is another classic and can go with every season. Add a skirt and it's formal, add some boyfriend jeans a beanie and it's causal. Absolutely a fun item to play around with.

6 | Gold Stud Earrings - For some reason gold speaks fall and silver speaks summer. I just thing it's more of a darker tone and will go better with the darker tone outfits.

7 | Black Turtleneck - Instead of a regular, basic turtleneck, try a fun one with details. One that is cropped or maybe has trims of leather in it. Gives a whole new vibe to your look that day.

8 | Faux Leather Vans - Keep it different and wear something comfy like Vans. For those days where you just don't want to put in any effort but make it look like you did, those work!

9 | Knee High Boots & Booties - Every fall knee high boots come back like they never left (because they really never did). It's just one of those "you have to have this" type of thing. But, play around with it and add some leg warmers over or underneath them to give off a different style.


Thank you so much for reading, remember you are loved and God has a purpose and plan for you ❤ post signature

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