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Day 7 | 31 Days of Blogging


The ultimate goal for myself, the reason why I'm even trying in school, the drive for blogging and those late nights of stalking souls in the fashion industry all because I want will become a fashion editor for Teen Vogue magazine. Even though that is almost every girls dream and there are some who are better than me, that doesn't frighten me at all because I know I have something unique about me that the others just quite don't have.

I plan to dominate the world of competitive fashion one fashion article at a time. I absolutely love to write and I've always loved fashion so I thought why not put both together. But I didn't love fashion all my life. It started around the young age of 9. My sister Brittany was a true fashion guru! Watching her teenage life in fashion inspired me in so many ways. I wanted to dress the best and know all about the fashion industry. So I did my research and I wanted to become a fashion designer. Then I realized I didn't want to draw out outfits, pieces and pick colors from textures. I felt that this couldn't be what fashion only offered. So I dug in the industry a little further at around 13. I found out there are many levels and categories I should say in the Fashion Industry. I loved it! So I started going to the library and getting books on fashion. I read this page in 1 particular fashion book and it asked questions based on your interest and mine came up to a fashion journalist. I also looked up on the web some jobs that contain writing and fashion and so many different things popped up. Fashion editors, freelance fashion journalist and so much more. I decided to find out more on fashion editing. Teen Vogue then came upon me and I finally realized what I wanted to do as an adult. Be a fashion editor at Teen Vogue. I choose Teen Vogue rather than Vogue because I feel my fashion knowledge and interest is towards the teens. I will always have a passion for all things into teens.

I plan on reaching this adventurous yet hard goal by attending NYU! I'm heading straight to NY as soon as I graduate. Plan on seeing me in the magazines, at fashion shows, chased by paparazzi and always in Times Square or Fifth Avenue.


Thank you so much for reading, remember you are loved and God has a purpose and plan for you ❤ post signature

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