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Day 17 | 31 Days of Blogging


Hello loves,

I've been a little MIA on the blog but for 2 important reasons : I was sick and I'm moving! Not to New York *sobs depressingly for 2 minutes*, just literally 5 minutes away from my house now. But, anyway I'm back.. as I always do when I have my little "blogging breaks". I'm not gonna do the past days.. I'm starting back with today's. :)
So I started Chic Vadour September 12, 2012 and I honestly had no idea where I was even going with it and those times were truly an embarrassment lol. I sat at my laptop a few days after the first day of freshman year and constantly read blogs. I thought why not start one for around my age group and who are on a parent's budget! At the time I didn't come across a lot of 14 year old blogs, so at 6:05 pm I started a Blogger account, and at 7:57 I made my first post

 photo iconbadge13_zpsea763758.jpg

A few days became months then went on to a year! I enjoyed blogging so much I made it a priority to do it before my homework. Now that I'm junior, homework/studying must come first. I was seriously on a roll with blogging every single day... I had such a drive to blog (I still do, but back then it was a crazy drive) I created an extension to Chic Vadour by B for strictly teens and how to survive and live free at We Live Free by Teens, but I was lacking staff/writers so I discontinued it a while back. 

 photo 726d7d92-c786-4ef7-bbb6-a74a2b8bb1f5_zps824bbee6.jpg

Then September 12th of 2013, for my blogiversary I gave Chic Vadour by B a whole new look and name. I was approaching a new period in my life where I was trying to find myself. And limiting my blog to just fashion was becoming difficult, so I went for All Things Brie. Changing the name made it able for me to talk on all things I like, do and enjoy. 

All Things Brie

So I just want to give a BIG THANK YOU (because your more than just a plain 'thanks') back to my readers because if you hadn't been reading my posts I probably wouldn't have continued. If I hadn't become a blogger I don't know what I would've done with my free time. I truly cherish my blog and the blogging community. I am so thankful to each and everyone of you that keeps in regular touch with me and lets me know exactly what you think of my posts (good and bad). It has helped me grow as a blogger a lot. Creating this blog has helped me grow the courage in so many other fields from learning how to speak my mind and finally understanding what I truly want out of life itself. Thank you for putting up with my spelling/grammar mistakes and my blogging breaks (omg that rhymes), it means a lot.

Enjoy the rest of your hump day!!!

Thank you so much for reading, remember you are loved and God has a purpose and plan for you ❤ post signature

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  1. Hi Brie!
    I'm here as a representative for Teenage Blogger Central, the blogger community you joined earlier this year. I'm here to ask you if you could put up a link button to TBC from this page http://teenage-blogger-central.blogspot.ie/p/blog-page_27.html in your sidebar. We'd love it if you could spread the word about TBC so more people can join :)
    If you have any suggestions or ideas for guest posts, let us know! We're looking forward to seeing your involvement with TBC :)


I love reading your comments, they make my day! I always try my best to answer all questions but would recommend tweeting me (@allthingsbrie) or emailing me (briannaablack@gmail.com) if you want to ask me anything inparticular or just chat with me! Thanks for visiting my blog :)
- Brie