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Lifestyle | Top 5 Ways to Get Back Into School


Hello loves,
it was such a huge struggle writing this post. I love education but don't really like school. And sadly in 1 week, it'll be back to homework, studying, ACT/SAT prep and all that jazz. So for all those students out there who need a little help getting back into the mindset of school, here are a few tips that are helping me.

1 | Do your summer homework... NOW. And look at some school stuff,
I literally procrastinated all summer with my AP Lang reading. I just finished 1 book a week ago and read half of my textbook, 1 more to go then I can write the analysis for them. Also if your taking Physics for this school year, look at some stuff on YouTube to prepare you. If never hurts to get ahead.

2 | Change anything that reminds you of summer
Wallpapers, items in your room, your ringtone.. whatever says summer. It's a distraction and will not help you get into "back to school" thinking. Add some fall items like fall scented candles.

3 | Go shopping
Yes, this definetly helps. By shopping I don't mean catching the summer items that are sale (unless your going stock up for next summer), I mean it's time for fall shopping! My favorite time of the year. There will be a post on fall must have items soon here on the blog.

4 | Change your look
Go for a darker hair color, buy a new makeup palette with deeper colors. Have fun with creating fall hairstyles, remove the flower hand bands and go for a crochet one! For mine, I went with a darker hair color, it's like a dark blond, deep brown. Originally it was purple, then it faded throughout the washing, but I love what it's faded to!

5 | Go back to your regular schedule
During the summer break exactly what was sleep? Hours of Netflix, hanging out with friends all day and just being lazy. Time to get back into the swing of things. A week before school starts go to bed early and wake up early. Train your body to be ready for your school's schedule. For school I go to bed at 10 pm the latest, and wake up at 5:45 am, but now that I don't have to the school's bus I'll be waking up at 6:15 am now. School for me doesn't start till 7:45 but it takes a while for me to get fabulous.

Hope this 5 tips helped for you scholars! Aim for a successful school year!! I'll be a junior this year (class of 2016)! What grade are you in now? Let me know below :)

Also, please go check out the All Things Brie Update page, there are some things changing that are very important.

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