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Health | My Daily Fitness Routine

Hello loves!
Apart of living a healthy lifestyle and being a healthy lifestyle blogger is actually putting in the work in real life. Almost every morning and night I go walk for at least 40 minutes. I found that walking is so much more convenient and doesn't put such a weight on me. It's very peaceful and a great time to get some thinking in.Usually I take nothing but my phone and earphones just so I won't have to carry anything since I am walking for a long period of time. If your like me and want to take baby steps into doing daily jogs, start off with long, simple walks. To make it a bit harder, speed walk. I promise it helps in so many ways.

Below is an entire week's worth of what I usually do. I take a walking break on Sundays and do cardio or zumba instead. Since I'm really motivated right now to move my body I rarely have rest days. But walking isn't that intense anyway, so sometimes after walking I workout to some cardio on YouTube with Jillian Micheals or Pilates with Blogilates.

/ In between my workouts I drink as much water as I can but not too much to make me feel bloated or uncomfortable to do the next activity. The app I use to monitor my walking is Noom, it's available for Androids and Apple devices :)

/ Also, sometimes I get extra walking in when I volunteer at this program, I walk to the site and back (about 30 minutes there and back)

Everyday Schedule ||
Walk for 40 minutes or more
Cardio with Blogilates or Jillan Micheals for 30 minutes
Walk for 40 minutes or more
100 Sqauts
50 Sit-ups

Break on Sundays

Note // of course I am not perfect patty! I do skip the night routine or maybe the afternoon sometimes, but I try to get right back on track! Keep going, you don't always have to start over.

Now along with working out don't forget what your feeding your body! It's important that your listening to what your body says and keeping it great eating conditions. Check out my Fit Friday post.

Thank you so much for reading, remember you are loved and God has a purpose and plan for you ❤ post signature

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- Brie