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Natural Hair | Top Moisturizing Hair Tips for Dry Hair

Ever feel like you just can’t find the right moisture to balance your natural hair? When I started my natural hair journey I had such a huge struggle with this. I always over packed my hair with products that caused a lot of scalp problems and product build-up. So many scalp problems that I actually had to go to the doctor and thankfully there was a natural hair nurse there and I asked her to help me. She still didn't give me the best information for my texture because she had thicker hair than me. And that made sense. No one can decide what works great for my hair expect for ME. After a lot of late night researching on the computer I found out what I needed : 

WATER. Sometimes all we need is water rather than so many water based products. Something I've learned is when you constantly add products to your hair it may get coated and the moisture that you are attempting to put onto your hair will get blocked off. So use more water.
Here are some things you can do to help make sure you get the most and right amount of moisture for your hair. 

1 | Pre-Poo – A pre-poo is the abbreviation of the word pre-shampoo. A pre-shampoo is a treatment applied to the hair before shampooing/washing. Pre-poo treatments can be done with oil or with a conditioner. For me I like to coat my hair with a olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil and jojoba oil mix. Then follow up with regular shampooing. This helps with detangling the hair, nourishing scalp, protecting fragile ends of hair and prevents shampoo from stripping natural oils from hair.

2 | Choosing a moisturizing shampoo & conditioner - In my opinion, shampoo is the most important product. A good shampoo can keep your scalp healthy (which means better hair growth) and makes your hair more manageable. A bad shampoo will lead to drier hair, scalp irritation, and frizz. Your shampoo is the first step to moisturized and clean hair. Great shampoos can contain sulfate-free to prevent dryness and scalp irritation and make sure to look for these.

3 | Use the L.O.C method - I found the L.O.C method on Instagram a while ago and used it ever since. I suggest doing it after you've finished you whole cleansing process. This is used for locking in moisture from the shampoo and conditioner or co-wash you used. You would start with added water or any type of leave-in conditioner (I know the pictures says leave-in but water works too). After the "L" apply the oil of choice, which will coat the cuticle and prevent moisture from evaporating. Oils that are great for sealing are grapeseed, castor, coconut and jojoba oil.Next, apply a cream that will help seal in moisture even more. If you have thicker, kinkier hair (4a-4c) go for the heavier creams like shea butter, if you have thinner (2a-3c) hair go for a littler cream. I prefer to usSheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie. After your cream you are done! I usually style my hair at this point. 
4 | Focus on those ends - Ends are just as important as your roots. So at night take a few minutes to add a little oil to your ends. They are the oldest part of our hair so protect them!
5 | Drink water - If you are not downing enough water to meet your body’s daily intake, your cells that drive hair growth will not even reproduce and your hair will become very thirsty/dry which we're trying to avoid. So drink water for just overall great health!
Hope these tips helped!

*photo above is NOT mine, found it here but don't know for sure who it is from.
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