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Fit Friday | Educate Yourself

Eating a diet with the right food nutrition is a difficult task at times for most people. There are many problems that can make maintaining a healthy diet hard and easily push you away from starting this healthy lifestyle. Or you might cheat yourself and eat a lot of  "junk" food or other unhealthy items. One thing people don't know is that it's impossible to be healthy and not have knowledge or understanding about food nutrition. By taking the time to properly educate yourself on food nutrition, you'll be much better able to choose a diet that is right for your health.

1 | Know what your body needs. 

Yes food nutrition guides are helpful, and breaking foods down into specific groups can be a great way to maintain a good balance of all types of food in your diet, but it's important to remember that each person is made different. Some people may require less protein in the body or may need to consume more calories depending on weight and height. So ask your doctor or just listen to your body to find out what will really work for you. If you always throw up when your at Taco Bell, then stop eating it! If your more energetic when you eat apples then eat apples all day! Listen to your body, it does speak.

2 | Know what you consume is made of 

After you've determined the foods that work for you and what doesn't, research the foods that are beneficial. In order for your health to thrive, you'll then need to educate yourself on the benefits of various types of food. It's a good idea to keep a chart of common foods and their nutritional benefits handy. 

3 | Learn about the labels

For processed or packaged foods, the nutritional information that you need is available on the label. Become familiar with the layout of a nutritional label, and learn about potential mistakes that people make. This goes along with step 2. RESEARCH. it's a good idea to know what shouldn't go in your body and what does. Also what I do is, when I know an item didn't work for me I read the ingredients and I write them in my phone so that when I read labels next time I know what to not to get. 

Hope this helped! Next week i'll be doing a q&a on my healthy lifestyle then the next step of the journey! Stay tuned!

Thank you so much for reading, remember you are loved and God has a purpose and plan for you ❤ post signature

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