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Faith | Finding Your Inner Peace

Hello beautiful people,
I was going through my old post and realized that I have not done a faith or "well-being" post in a while. My blog is a huge portion of faith and I am shocked it's not a lot of faith post. Now that I am back into the swing of things, expect more faith post every other Sunday, but eventually it'll go to every Sunday. So let's get into how to find your inner peace. 

This topic comes from an episode I saw on YouTube from Joyce Meyer. It was, The Lord is Our Peace, and that is very true. All happiness and peace comes from The Father, but there are things we need to do as believers to received the inner peace blessings. 

We've all been in a situation where something or someone has literally created some stress in our world. There is a way to handle the anxiousness and frustration that comes with the situation. Something I learned is to really understand why I am mad and why is this causing me stress. When I step back and listen to myself , it helps me tremendously.
Many times in the middle of stress we think to automatically attack. That might be ourselves or the thing/person that's causing the stress. What I've learned is to stop, breathe, pray and think WWJD (what would Jesus do). I also ask myself questions so I can see the situation differently. There is always a lesson to be learned.  It is important to understand your actions can create calmness or more chaos. I don't know about you but I'll go for the calmness route over the chaos any day. So here's how I find my inner peace. 

1. Stop and breathe | When you stop and actually take the time to breath you help some of the organs such as the stomach, small intestine, liver and pancreas. As you breathe, focus on your breath and any area where you may feel tension in your body, then take a moment to breathe into that space. From there, focus on a something that is separated from the chaos. Try some affirmations that will help you get center and calm. I like to repeat, "Let Go and Let God" about 10 times or "God's already taking care of it, it's already ok, I am ok."
2. Trust the moment | Understand that you are suppose to be in that moment at that time. God know's exactly what he's doing and this is a lesson to be learned. The frustration is strengthening you and preparing you for what God has next. Next time the big problem or tension you had at the moment will be a baby problem
3. Pray | Ask for guidance and be thankful for both the difficulty and the peace that is on the way. We are not given anything we can’t handle. GOD 'S GOT OUR BACK.It is the process that positions us to prosper in beautiful ways beyond our imagination.
Hope these steps helped you like they helped me.
Have a blessed day.

HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the dad out there and most importantly OUR FATHER GOD.

Thank you so much for reading, remember you are loved and God has a purpose and plan for you ❤ post signature

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- Brie