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Rest In Peace Maya.

A very phenomenal woman, Maya Angelou, passed on May 28th. From reading all the beautiful posts
and comments on Instagram and Twitter, it hit me that this isn't a moment to be sad about, but to look at gracefully and actually be happy for all things Maya has left us with. This amazing women lived an extraordinary life. Maya Angelou was a poet, civil rights activist, film producer, dancer, tv producer, film director, playwright, author, professor and actress. And I'm sure many other things. Maya is a perfect example of a African-American woman who is independent and actually lived her life the way she wanted, and I will always look up to her and her insightful words. 

Rest easy Maya Angelou.

Thank you so much for reading, remember you are loved and God has a purpose and plan for you ❤ post signature

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  1. all of her books and quotes are so inspirational, may she rest in peace.


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