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Hello loviles,
happy April!
So Sunday, March 30th was my 16th birthday WOOO! 
I've been sprinkling glitter and fabulousity on this planet for 16 years now.

I honestly had a great day, from the crazy purple hair and nails to the continuous laughs at dinner, this was by far the best birthday I ever had. I started my birthday weekend on Thursday, with getting my hair dyed purple (I know I'm fierce). If you follow me on Twitter you already knew. Then Friday, I went to a natural hair salon and Marni just freshened up my curls. Saturday, I had my first lacrosse game and we tied by 5. Sunday, the actual day I was born, I started my morning off with church.Then I went to LUV and got my nails done. Finally at around 6pm the dinner party started! 

*in no order

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Dinner was at 2Booli 

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From yearbook class in school. Says "Happy late Birthday Brie!"

What I Wore ||
top//thrifted, pants//Macy's, scarf//Gifted from Nordstrom, boots//Charlotte Russe, belt//Target, necklace//Gifted from Nordstrom, earrings//Gifted

Thank you so much for reading, remember you are loved and God has a purpose and plan for you ❤ post signature

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- Brie