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Hair | My Favorite Deep Conditioner

Good Afternoon,
for me today is wash day! Wash day equals deep conditioner day and I thought why not show you one of favorites whenever my hair needs some deep moisturizing. When I list the ingredients below some of you may second guess trying this but trust me everything I listed is GOOD for your hair! I don't just put anything in my hair, I have done research and actually the best hair products come from your kitchen! I will have links to the benefits of each item.

Now lets get started!

What You'll Need |
1/2 Banana
Mayo (w/ olive oil is optional)
Oil of your choice (I used Argan oil)
Spoon or fork
Plastic cap or Kroger bag

Displaying CAM05400.jpg

Steps |

1 |  Add all of your ingredients into your cup

Displaying CAM05403.jpg

Displaying CAM05404.jpg

Displaying CAM05406.jpg

Displaying CAM05408.jpg

Displaying CAM05409.jpg

2 | Mix everything very well so that you don't see banana chunks

3 | Section your hair for better results and apply to each section, root to ends ( I do not suggest putting this on your scalp, the smell of the mayo and banana is very strong and it will be hard to get rid of it on your scalp)

4 | Once your hair is full of the deep conditioner, put on your plastic cap or kroger bag then your towel, let the dc sit for 30-40 minutes

Usually during the 30-40 minutes I make myself tea and get on my laptop.

Below I put a picture of what I use for my tea

Displaying CAM05437.jpg

Displaying CAM05438.jpg

5 | Once the 30-40 minutes are up, rinse out fully with cold water, if you use hot water the banana will start to make your hair paste-y like (my experience), then follow up with your conditioner or leave in conditioner of choice. I use TreSemme Natural Conditoner, first I apply it then rinse out then apply it again and use it as a leave in.
Displaying CAM05429.jpg
Growth! It was at my nose in September 2013!

Displaying CAM05417.jpg

And that's all!!! Hope it works great for you, if it helps I have 3c-4b hair :)

* Please mix the banana very very well because if you don't there will be chucks that are hard to wash out (literally forgot and did this today)

Why mayo is good for your hair here
Why honey is good for your hair here
Why banana is good for your hair here

Thank you so much for reading, remember you are loved and God has a purpose and plan for you ❤ post signature

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