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OOTD + Hello March

Good Evening Loves!
I wanted to share an OOTD since I haven't done one in a while. So yesterday's look was actually going to be a sweats and oversized pullover type of day, but for acting class we are filming a movie and I had to dress up a bit. And O M G guys today is March 1st! FINALLY. That is only 29 more days till my 16th birthday!!!! And marks 1200 days left till graduation (yes I keep count, lol). I can finally get a job, a car and highlights. YAY.

Recently I decided I wanted to do some protective styling since my hair has been out for a while now. Last week was the first of my 4 week protective styling and this week is either going to be mini twists or another braided style. But yesterday I took the braid out because it was getting kind of messy.

What I Wore | vest//Sears (I think), pants//Sears, boots, Charlotte Russe, v-neck//Target

No makeup and old an twist out on hair

Enjoy your Saturday!
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