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Goodbye January

Happy February 1st Loves!
I can't believe January is over. January was actually a great month because I had so many snow days, which means no school (only good thing about living where there's snow), I was able to get my wisdom teeth taken out so my teeth can do whatever it needs to do so I can get these braces off and we all had a chance to start a whole new fresh chapter of life. So far 2014 is doing me good. How is the year going so far for you?

As we all know February is the month for 2 things, love and Black history! I'm so excited about Black History Month this year because I'm natural and I am more able to embrace really what all of the wonderful African-Americans have done in the past and even now. For some reason my love for my history is so much greater now that I'm natural and I love it.Also my hair anniversary is coming up!

Stay tuned for some Valentines day post coming up this week


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