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OOTD | Black & Tigers ft Persun Mall

Good Evening Lovelies!
Recently I got a chance to pick out something from the fashion site Persun Mall. I choose this sweater because first it can partially go with anything and can go with any type of occasion. And if you know me, those 2 things are all I need to know and the item is going in my closet.Today I decided to make my look causal yet appropriate for my niece, Aubs birthday party. I didn't want to dress up so much, so adding my go-to jeans and puffer vest was the move.And excuse my face it's still a bit swollen from the surgery.

What I Wore | top//Persun Mall, pants//Levi's, boots//Charlotte Russe, hat//old, puffer vest//Target, scarf//old, wallet//Target

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