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Lifestyle | My New Years Night + OOTN

Hello loves,
my family and I celebrated the new year in church. I go to a very big church so the turn out was wonderful and the word was awesome! I got to see CeCe Winans perform during praise and worship time and one of my goals are checked off already. One of the many goals I had was to meet a gospel singer, and God made it possible before 2014! The only down side of the night was that we didn't count down. The Bishop went overtime, but it's okay because the word was good. CeCe said something during her performance that really hit me and I am thinking about doing a whole faith post on it soon. It was that when you call out for help to God, know that it's already being worked on, in fact know it's already done, your covered. When she said that it really made me think and think and think till my mind just got irritated and moved on to something else to think about, lol. But, I brought that up to say that it's so true! Every time I ask God for something I either get it right on time, or get something better. GOD IS GOOD. So for my outfit, I wanted to be comfortable and at the same time appropriate for church.

Oh and omg you guys, I have been keeping the song by Smokey Robinson, Tracks of My Tears. I don't know why all of a sudden, but it's one of my throwback favorites now.

Now on to my outfit of the night ||

top//Marshalls, scarf//moms, skirt//H&M, tights//Sears, boots//Charlotte Russe, legwarmers//old, black socks//H&M, headband//old, earrings//Gifted 

Thank you so much for reading, remember you are loved and God has a purpose and plan for you ❤ post signature

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- Brie