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Merry Christmas Eve! + New Name!

Good Afternoon,
Merry Christmas Eve!!! Hope you all are enjoying yourselves this holiday and have finished all your shopping :) Today my family and I are going to a play at church then heading over to my sisters house for a little holiday party/celebration. We're making deserts, holiday movie classics and watching my nieces open up some gifts. This is my sisters first year actually here for the holidays so its very exciting!

Now I haven't been blogging much lately and I've been absent here on the blog for while. I've been thinking really. On what my blog should really be about and what I'm writing for. To tell you all the truth, blogging hasn't been much fun anymore sadly. And I just couldn't figure out why. After late nights and long talks, I've come to a conclusion. My blog will be about me. Not fashion, beauty but my life and whatever comes in it at the time. Every time I blog I feel I have to post an OOTD or a holidays wishlist etc., there's just so much pressure I feel. So I changing my entire blog. I will continue to talk on faith and health for sure because those are things that will never leave my life. So to say, when I created Chic Vadour, it was meant only for fashion, now the new name is All Things Brie. But, the indecisive part of me wants to just change the whole meaning of Chic Vadour to just me, Brianna. So I am introducing a new journey with you all!


*the scripture is the meaning of my name, Brianna :)

hopefully you all stick around and continue to show support with All Things Brie <3

but, I have decided to keep the link/domain/the thingy you typed in to get here ( I seriously don't know what's it called right now lol) chicvadourbyb.blogspot.com. Just because I have so many of my badges out there on pages, blogs and groups. So that will stay the same and some of the sidebar things will stay...

Thank you all for reading,
stay blessed and I wish a Merry Christmas Eve!

 Are you  excited for Christmas tomorrow? What's on your wishlist?Comment ❤ ❤ Thank you so much for reading, remember you are loved and God has a purpose and plan for you ツ // Follow me I'm everywhere ♥|| T: @allthingsbrie IG: @allthingsbrie Vine: @BriethenAnna Pose: allthingsbrie YouTube: allthingsbrie {{ more social networks are on the top righter corner}}

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- Brie