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Holidays With Brie | The Ultimate Men Gift Guide

Hello loves!
Often we all have a hard time finding out what our loved ones really want. I mean maybe it's a bit easy to find a girl/woman gift rather than a young man/man gift. I didn't include boys because really all they want is cars, batman, or a scooter - pretty simple stuff. So here's what I gathered from some of my guy friends, dad and grandpa.

Here is your ultimate gift guide for men:

Men's Christmas List!

1 | Clothes that compliment your guys wardrobe and overall look is an automatic go! My brother recently fell in love with Forever 21's men's and now every time I go he wants to go!Lol.

2 | Timberland boots. - your guy may already have them already because those are that important.

3 | Beanies. Beanies and more beanies!

4 | Literally almost guy I ran across said that they wanted this!!!!

5 | A nice Fossil or Ralph Lauren wallet is a classic must for guys.

6 | For those tech-y ones, go for a nice high-quality but on sale camera. I know some are on sale at Wal-Mart and Best Buy!

7 | Beats by Dr.Dre - thee besttt gift! If you like go ahead and squeeze me in a pink pair!

8 | IPhone cases - I'm sure they like to switch it up just like we do.

9 | Can never go wrong with an ITunes card! If he has a Android get him a Google Play card!

10 | The classic timeless watch.

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