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Cheers to 2013!

Wow, what an incredible year it has been! Looking back I have realized that so much happened this year. It's been so crazy for me to see how far I have come in so many aspects. So much has changed. I have changed. And for the first time in a long time, I can honestly say that I had a fantastic year and finally found who I am. 2013 was filled with many amazing opportunities, experiences and lessons that I am very grateful for. In 2014, I turn 16 and I am blessed to almost see 16 years!!! CHEERS TO 2014!

I wanted to share with you all some highlights of 2013. This year was not all cupcakes and unicorns, I did have some very very low points but with God I overcame it all. 

The Break-Down: (left to right, and in no order)

  1. Won 2nd runner up and 1st place in prettiest hair
  2. Met one of my favorite bloggers, Liz
  3. Went to my first homecoming (I didn't go to homecoming freshman year)
  4. Got my level 1 drivers license!
  5. Added a new look and Faith to my blog
  6. Met Bianca Golden!
  7. Met Jireh at MI Fashion Week - loved her!
  8. Drew a picture of myself in art class
  9. Became a sophomore at a new school
  10. Created a new vibe and name for the blog
  11. Finally took tennis lessons
  12. Met another one of my favorite bloggers, Inez 
  13. Re-decorated my room
  14. Finished my 5th journal (started in 5th grade)
  15. Finally started my YouTube channel
  16. Did something I've always wanted to do, draw the letter B in the sand
  17. Received a wonderful compliment from one of my favorite teachers. I took a child development class and she said I will be a wonderful mother some day and I had the best essay/baby book :) yayy
  18. Straightened my hair for the first time after 5 months of having no heat
  19. Can actually say I am happy with my life
  20. Wore lashes for the first time
  21. Wore a bun for the first time while being natural 
  22. Participated in Michigan Fashion Week
  23. Did Havanna twists on my own for the first time
  24. Reached 120 views in March (photo says 85, but my phone died right after it reached 85! Almost cried because I couldn't take a picture)

There was so much more beautiful things that happened, but I did not capture the moment. Sometimes though, your eyes are just as good as the camera. I did want to mention that I also finally took a TV Broadcasting class and I am loving it!

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This is only the beginning of my journey!

Thank you so much for reading, remember you are loved and God has a purpose and plan for you ❤ post signature

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- Brie