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Hello November + Updates

Hello loves!
Seriously it's already November! I could have sworn it was just the first day of school about 2 weeks ago. Time is definitely flying. October was a great month though, I really got myself together even more from before (that rhymed). I meet wonderful people at my new school and have gained so much more experience with my field in my broadcasting class and with my blog. Hopefully November is even better for me and YOU.

For Halloween yesterday, my family didn't really celebrate. We kind of only do Harvest feasts and we celebrated by watching Christmas movies and getting a lot of snacks from the gas station!!

Oh k so I've been really thinking about rather or not I should let go of my YouTube channel. I really wanted to focus on my channel though but I know I couldn't keep juggling both blogging often and making videos. So I came to the conclusion of posting less and for now focusing more on YouTube. This is NOT A GOODBYE, I will still be posting but just not as often as I do. My schedule is now 2 post per week.Not any exact days but of course check the blog daily to see if there's a new post! And of course I'll be posting whenever I have extra time. I feel like this will be so much easier to get some videos out every Sunday. I have been slacking lately and I really want to reach my goal of 1k+ subscribers by my birthday March 30th!!

I would love it if you all could help and support me by subscribing and letting others know. And I promise you it will all be great information and very helpful tips that will help everyone! And guess what?!  Its all free!!! So subscribe to get all the updates first! Channel : allthingsbrie or click here There is a new video up now on my experiences so far with being natural - click here to check it out

Thank you for sticking with me on my journey! Continue to stay tuned loves.

Today I'm finally going fall shopping! And I have 2 days off of school this week. So far it's a great day for me, enjoy the rest of your November 1st!

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