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Event | I am A Black Girls Who ROCKS!

Good Evening!
MAN I WISH I WAS THERE. It looked so fun for young girls like myself watching from the t.v. The whole time I felt honored and appreciated for someone to dedicate something towards younger Black girls. BET is great for the Black community but itself is really for adults in my opinion, so the awards show last night really was something I tuned into it. Seeing things like that once in a while, I think, puts me back in a very happy place. Even though times are different and everyone is accepted, there are still a few ways society tries to bring down those not "American". I don't want to go all in depth or post a history lesson, but I just wanted to come out and say how much I support this. Many young Black girls are hated on or verbally abused for being a darker shade by the lighter shades in the Black community. To me I am trying to get people to understand Black is Black. Who cares about the lighter or darker shade. Many times I hear people going off about which shade is better and all these stereotypes on how if your brown than your automatically nice or if your light skin than you don't text back. I mean where did this all come from??!! Its stupid and reflections on all of the Black community. So to sum it all up, thank goodness there is something out there that supports and representations all the beautiful shades of Black.

Below I will show you all some of my favorite looks from the night. I love'd how most of the celebrities kept it simple with black.Simple yet classy and fits the events.

Ciara's was my #1 favorite!

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Did you do watch it?! Are you a Black girl that ROCKS?! What do you think about all the stereotypes Let me know! Comment ❤ ❤ Thank you so much for reading, Follow me I'm everywhere || T: @allthingsbrie IG: @allthingsbrie Vine: @BriethenAnna Pose: allthingsbrie YouTube: allthingsbrie {{ more social networks are on the top righter corner}}
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