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You Can Say I Had A Good Time


Good Morninggg!
Last night was my old school's homecoming. Even though it's not my school anymore, I still had wonderful friends who go there and wanted me to tag along. There really isn't much to say here, the pictures explain it all.And since I didn't really want to hold my camera as much during the dance, there will be a part 2 of he pictures because my friends took a lot!
On my way to my friends house to ride with her

At my friends house
Arrived at the dance

At the beginning it was really lame, then towards the end it got kinda fun

It was soooo hot! So we were trying to stay close to the door,lol!


About to take the makeup off, but wanted to make some goofy faces first, lol

What I Wore||
dress//Sears, heels//old (but wore them for my pageant), earrings//gifted, clutch//gifted

done by me
grab a small section of hair, add some smoothing gel to the hair
2 strand twist it
grab a perm rod, and roll in on

done by my fabulous sister!
if you need you need your makeup done or just an overall beautician at a reasonable price near the Metro Detriot area
contact Britt at 901.231.FARR Instagram: @farrfromblack Twitter: @farrfromblack 

Have a great Sunday loves.
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