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Tag | I LOVE My Natural Hair!

Oh my gosh. Not even a OMG, this week has gone by so slow! I mean, I had all these tests and long notes this whole entire week. I'm seriously just really for the weekend. And I haven't been feeling the mornings anymore lately. My bus is always late and it's FREEZING outside. I think I saw snow earlier too. Hopefully tomorrow and Friday work out for me.

So anyways, I always see these fun types of tags and I really wanted to do this particular one! I am a semi newly natural and I love talking about being natural. Now nobody sadly has tagged, o I thought hey Brianna why not just tag yourself! So I tagged myself and I tag YOU! If your natural and love talking about being natural go head and answer the question below via to me on Twitter or on your blog/YouTube! Ok now let's get into it :)

1 | Where are you from and how is natural hair seen there?
I am from Michigan and natural hair is EVERYWHERE! Almost everywhere I go I see a natural. It's pretty common where I live. I so glad that is not seen as a negative thing here, everyone is very astonished by it, but in a very good way.

2 | What made you go natural?
I really got tired of smelling my hair burnt and it looking damaged. I did not know where to turn for healthy hair, so I did my research and found out about just letting my hair free! I was so clueless going natural and thought I would get constantly judged for it but now each day I'm even more proud of myself for wearing what God gave me and I get so many compliments and good stares!

3 |How long did you transition?
I kinda didn't transition because I haven't had a perm since like 7 or 8 years old and only got it 1 or 2 times. So I've always been natural just always added heat to my hair.

4 | What's your hair type?
 I am 3c-4a. I seriously have so many textures in my hair! At times it's really hard to deal with, but now I know more about hair, so I am aware of what sections need more attention.

5 | Do you have a favorite product?
YES! So many actually. I'm loving my coconut oil from Whole Foods, Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream. I use them everyday.

6 | Big Chop? Reaction?
NOPE! I didn't have much heat damage, but the little that I did I just grew it out and cut little by little. And for those who did do the BC I honestly have much respect for you. I could not do that! Our hair does not define us, but for those first couple of months with short short hair, I just could not handle it, lol! But, it's great that it's a fresh start.

7 | Favorite natural hair websites or YouTubers?


My Natural SistasMahoganyCurlsJouelzykandeelovesyaHeyFranHeyTarenGuy
and many more, those are just a few!

Stay tuned for my next natural hair post, I'll be talking about styles I've recently done that are quick, easy and very protective!
more on my hair in the "Behind My Hair" page :)

Do you like tags? Are you natural? Any questions for me so far being 7 months natural?Let me know! Comment ❤ ❤ Thank you so much for reading, Follow me I'm everywhere || T: @allthingsbrie IG: @allthingsbrie Vine: @BriethenAnna Pose: allthingsbrie YouTube: allthingsbrie {{ more social networks are on the top righter corner}}
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