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OOTD | Spirit Week : Class Color Day

Hello there.
Tomorrow is finally Friday!
So before I go into my look, I want to first say tell you all how my day went. Why? Because maybe your a newbie and you know nothing about me. I've been checking mt stats lately and I have been getting almost over 100 views per day!! So hello newbies, welcome and for my loves that have been here since day 1, you already know that I love you! *waits for you to say it back*

Ok so first I've been trying this new thing in the morning. At first I would eat as soon as I got up. Now I don't eat at home and it saves so much time! That's why I've been wearing makeup lately because I actually have time to put it on in the morning now. I eat breakfast in my 1st hour class, and I'm glad he doesn't care. I usually take a yogurt, 2 boiled eggs (boiled the night before) and a bagel to go with my bottle of water. I'm so glad I do that now because I'm not as hungry in 3rd hour anymore. and lunch is very late at my school.

Today in 4th hour, broadcasting class, we watch our interviews. I actually did good! So did my other group members. Our teacher assigned us a group and gave us each a scenario of what we are and why we are being interviewed. I was the 200 million lottery ticket winner. And it was kinda fun pretending like I won all the money and getting interviewed for it. Then I interview a girl from my group and she was the CEO of Facebook. 

Then, in 5th hour Chemistry I got great news that I'm doing very well in the class and my teacher wants me to be tutor!I was so surprised because I thought I at least got a C on the last test, but ended up getting an A!

So that was my day!!! If you want share below how your day went!

To the outfit now...

Today is class color day, meaning we wear the color of our graduation year.Sadly I did not have time last night to cut up and style my t-shirt. I wanted to so bad but I got home at around 9 ish and had to do my homework. Today's look is very sad and boring, but oh well, I was very comfy today!!And I have nothing red! No bandanna, no socks, no earrings nothinggg!!!!! I have to get some this weekend!

The Class Colors //
Junior- White

What I Wore ||
top//from school, pants//Marshalls, shoes//Moccasins, braclet//Clarie's, knee highs//JCPenny
Hair// regular big twist out

Now that I wear makeup everyday, I will be uploading my everyday look to YouTube this Sunday!!Stay tuned :)

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