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Faith | Go For Your Dreams

Good evening loves!

This morning I realized I only have 2 years left of high school, then I'm on my own. It doesn't scare me at all. It actually makes me excited and eager to finally enter the fashion industry. I also realized it is important to have dreams and visions for our lives. God has created us to have goals and gives us the strength to pursue them the right way. We need to look beyond where we are. Our dreams are simply hope for a better tomorrow. When God plants a seed of something in our heart, at the point it is a possibility, but not a guarantee. That seed must be cared for properly and taken care of daily. If you want something bad enough, each day you should work hard to get but still letting God lead your path.

Many times the Lord places something in our heart and we fail to see what He really means or wants us to do. For example, just this past Friday I saw I'm In Love With A Church Girl with blogger Liz and a few others and Ja Rule the main character was a very un-Godly guy trying to changes his ways. When he met the church girl, he became so confused on what he should do, stay with the dope dealing, clubs and bad friends or seek God and actually learn what He has in store for him. Sadly Ja Rules mom had to die to finally have open ears and seek God. Gladly he did but before he was so confused but ended up as a pastor. The only way to find out what your future holds, is to follow God and just let Him guide you. It was all apart of the plan for Ja Rule to meet the church girl and have her change his ways.We need to understand that God is giving us the answers, the clues and the actual path for our dreams, we just need to take a step each day for achieving it.

"God has a vision for your life, and He desires to plant it in your heart. Don't have a "spiritual abortion." Give birth to all that God has placed within you,"
- Joyce Meyer

Say this every time you feel like your not taking that next step :
"I will not give up my dreams because God is leading me on His path.
I will not give up my dreams because this is all part of God's plan."

"Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart."
~ Psalm 37:4 ~

Good Night Everyone :)
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