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Brie Speaks | Be Happy

A lot days I just feel down, depressed, pressured and feel like everyone around me hates me. Each day I tried thinking positive and it just did not work. But, a few days later I lied down on my bed and just stared at the ceiling saying to myself, "Brianna, what do you want? What makes you happy? Brianna just be happy." I said that to myself about 10 times then I got up and wrote in my journal. I first wrote all the things in life that the Lord has blessed me with on the left. Then on the right side I wrote all the things that I need to work on. Not worrying about the things I don't have, but what I already have that just needs improvement. After writing the list, I realized all of the things on the left out weighed the right. I realized how favored I am and I'm ungrateful I was being about it. 

That night I decided to start a happiness project. No, I did not follow a script, or a manual or anything. I thought about all the things that are holding me down in life. I wrote what needs to go and what needs to be improved, not fixed. 

What I Took OUT:

Negative people
Negative music

What I Put IN :
I read a daily inspiration quotes from a app
I put positive quotes on my wallpaper for my phone and laptop
I play positive music every morning when I wake up
I make sure I say a prayer daily
I give at least 5 compliments a day
I respect everyone around me

Each day I add something new. Whether it being giving 5 hugs or making sure I tell someone they look gorgeous today, making people smile, makes me smile. What helps me is eliminating negative things day by day. In the long run your day will be more peaceful and positive.
And one of my best tips is please DO NOT WATCH THE NEWS its very depressing. Just go on in life not knowing, it's better for your health, lol.
Everyone at some point gets tired of being tired, so why not just let it go. Choose to be happy. Love more, laugh more and live more.

Below I provided 2 of my favorites websites that keep me going.

*all photos above are mine, if you choose to use them please ask or make sure you include the link back here, thanks so much!

Have a great night loves

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- Brie