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Beauty | My Fall/Winter Skin Routine

Hey everyone! Thought I would do a skincare routine post since I never really have done one before.And as we approach the fall and winter months, my skin gets very drier than normal. When it comes to makeup my tinted moisturizers and powders pick up on the dry patches more and it just doesn't look good. So, I wanted to show you all what I use and what helps me if you're dealing with the same problem.Hope you find this post helpful!

Night Routine || I usually do everything the night before.
1) Get makeup off with Olay Fresh Makeup Remover 
2) Wash face with Clean & Clear 
3) Apply Jergens Shea butter moisturizer
4) Apply African Shea butter to nose creases and chin (get the product from a beauty supply, I got mine from Lee's for only 1 dollar. I wanted to try it out first before buying a whole jug for 20 dollars. A review will be on it soon :) )
5) Apply pure coconut oil on nose creases (can be bought at a Whole Foods)

*notice I pay a lot of attention to my nose creases. During the fall/winter time my nose creases get extremely dry!! There all white and ashy and crusty looking.

Morning Routine || I don't have to do much in the morning because I have already done everything the night before

1) Apply Laura Mercier moisturize cream
2) Apply Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer
3) Then go on with makeup

Real raw African Shea butter, sorry about the hairs in it. I use this for everythingg!!
Extra notes ||

I don't really apply any scrubs or anything fancy like that. I honestly have been good just using the products above. Sometimes, I might go with the Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Scurb twice a week, but nothing other than that. Before I use to use facial masks every Sunday but that got face really dry and patchy. I don't know if it was because of my eczema or the brand was just not for sensitive skin, even though it said it on the bottle. So for my face I really just stick to basic products.

Do you use some of the products above? Are they working for you? Let me know! Comment ❤ ❤ Thank you so much for reading, Follow me I'm everywhere || T: @allthingsbrie IG: @allthingsbrie Vine: @BriethenAnna Pose: allthingsbrie YouTube: allthingsbrie {{ more social networks are on the top righter corner}}
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