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Wishlist Wednesday

Wishlist Wednesday

Good Morning!

For the past week and couple of days this week, I've been wanting a lot. But, I decided to narrow it down to these.


Shea Moisture Co-Wash- I never really had a co-washing product. I've always used conditioner to co-wash my hair, but now I feel I need to get a product that carters to exactly that.

Coconut Oil- I actually do not like coconut and was allergic to it when I was younger, but surprisingly it wonders wonders on my hair!

Diffuser- I have been watching lots of YouTube videos for wash and go's and this is a must for defien curls. So I absolutely NEED this.

Clothes + Accessories//

Pretty self-explanatory.

Fall is here and I really would like to have more scarves and oversized sweat-shirts. Along with that I need to dem my closet up a bit, since it is still so bright with all my bright color blouses. I'm going to try dark greens, dark reds and some dark printed blouses and trousers.

The blue studs are first on my list. I don't have any blue earrings period so I'm going to start off with the basic classic stud. Usually gold isn't my color/fav but I will say most of my items in my closet look very good with gold accessories, so I figured why not.

Most of these items I will be looking at my local thrift shop searching for them. My next go-to spot will be Forever 21 or H&M.

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