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Top 10 Annoying Natural Hair Questions

I've been natural for 6 months now and you would think I haven't heard it all yet, but oh yes I have. Some of the questions people ask me are very pointless and weird, like I just wonder where do they get these ideas or questions from. Here are the top most annoying natural hair questions I get asked all the time and below it I put how I answer the question every time someone asks. And please if you see a girl with a fro let her be, we are not aliens.

1. Why didn't you do your hair today?

*straight faces the person, then walks away*

2. Are you from Africa?
Yes and so are you. I'm sure you have some down the line.

3. Can you comb your hair?

I can do everything you can do to yours, but mine is just growing healthier.

4.Wait, does your hair grow like that?

Sure does. It's my natural hair why wouldn't it.

5. Can I touch it?


6. Can you wash it still?

What do you think?

7. Who forced you to become natural?

Why should I have to be forced to wear my natural texture?

8. Why don't you get that done at the salon?

Because I don't want to.

9. Your mom let you leave the house like that?

Yes she did, and she was proud I proudly walked out with what God gave me originally.

10. Did you cut your hair? - most asked question


Sometimes I just want to slap the person, lol. But, I'm not mean. I really understand where their coming from though but then again, it's my hair! I can do whatever I want with it. I think that since straight hair is the norm in today's society their just not use to it. And the only "natural" hair they are use to is mixed ladies and men curly hair. They act like a fro is from another planet! Lol!

SN: The photo is in the most suck-ish quality, I know. I usually never pout in my pics, so I really had to dig deep in some oldies and it ended up being the quality of my old crappy front camera of my phone. 

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