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OOTD | Spirit Week : Pajamas Day!

OMG! Yay its fall!!! Trees are changing colors :)


Today was pj's day at school. I didn't know if should have prepared the day before or just go to school with what I slept in. But, hopefully you know me and I prepared the day before. Lol. I to dig in my closet and find my robe and slipper, because I rarely wear them. But, of course I had to go all out and wear it to school.

This week is homecoming week, meaning it's a full week of fun and crazy things.What I love about it is that they deck out all of the halls. Like there were a few parts of school that had balloons, confetti, and your class. Our class (sophomore, 2016) color is red and a whole hallway was red that read 2016 . So today was kinda interesting. Later we have a pep rally later on today and a bonfire. I know we have some other things for the week, but I don't know off the top of my head. Tomorrow is "Maurica" Day aka America Day - they wanted to be "cool and slang" with it. So tomorrow I will be pulling out the red, white and blue! Also I reached my goal for today, I actually drunk 4 bottles of water! And you know had to use the restroom constantly, it was such a pain!!!!!!

That's all for today loves, I have some studying to do then have to get ready for this pep rally!

What I Wore||
robe//old, top//Target, bottoms//Target, slippers//gifted, scarf worn as turban//old, necklace//I think Clarie's (but can be found anywhere)

Au revior!

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