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OOTD | My First Day + Days of Selfies

Hey Hey Hey!

Yes. The first week of sophomore year is O V E R.

The first week looks were girlie, lose and comfortable. I made sure I was in a very comfy fit since my classes were so far apart from each other and I was going to do all that walking. I stuck with only flats, no flip-flops.
I wanted to do the first week, but I did not stick with what I wanted to wear, so my Wed-Friday's outfits were chill and not post worthy. Early morning really put a hold me. But, don't worry I am kinda getting use to waking up at 6 now, but still ughhhhh school's a drag. Instead though I took pictures of myself/selfies each day so I will include those :)

Tuesday's Look||
 top 2 photos by my sister, edited one by my 3 year old niece 

Outfit Details// Shirt-old,Pants-TJ Maxx or Marshalls, Shoes//TJ Maxx or Marshalls
Necklace-F21, Earrings-Claries(old), Hair-twist-out

Watch-old,Other braclets-random

my nieces wanted to get in while I was trying to get just my shoes, lol. LOVE them!

It was already chipped on the first day lol smh

 My fashionable backpack

 back  from // K-Mart (crazy right??! And it's very sturdy!)

Now Tuesdays Selfies }

Wednesday's Selfie ||

Thursday's Selfie }

Friday's Selfie }

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