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Movie Review | Baggage Claim

My Rate: 4

Summary of movie || Patton plays Montana, a flight attendant, pledging that she will not be the oldest and the only woman in her family never to wed before her younger sister's wedding. So, she sets out on a 30-day, 30,000-mile journey in the hopes of finding the perfect man to become her fiancĂ©.

My Opinion || First off, it was a great amount of stars! I love when all of the good celebrities are piled up in one movie, it makes it so much more interesting. Also the movie had a great and interesting plot, but was very traditional. By traditional I mean the typical strict mom, dad isn't in the picture, single lady trying to find that special one and does all these crazy things to find him. And there were some slow parts, parts that were very confusing. Along with some obvious parts. And you will see one big one when or if you see.But in the end it all tied together and had my dying!!! Especially the Trey Songz part, oh and the other guys part where he says, " So you mean to tell me you gone be ashy for the holidays." You'll see the guy I'm talking about, I can't really describe him and don't know his name. Also Sam was hilarious. And Jill played an interesting character, kinda nasty but funny.

Below I have grabbed some pics from the movie and a trailer
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Baggage Claim

Baggage Claim

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